The world's largest cryptocurrency mining center and global cryptocurrency exchange platform that uses Paraguay's cheap and clean electricity


Commons Foundation signed a 100MW/h power contract with the Paraguay National Power Authority

Commons Foundation signed a contract to sell
30-hectare business site in Paraguay

Golden Goose Token (GOLD) will be listed on HitBTC USDT market

Golden Goose Token (GOLD) listed on Bittrex USDT market

Golden Goose Token (GOLD) Burn and Swap Completion Notice

Upgrade of Golden Goose Token (GOLD) Burn and Swap



The world's largest cryptocurrency mining center and global cryptocurrency exchange platform
that uses Paraguay's cheap and clean electricity and is carried out by the Commons Foundation
Cryptocurrency mining center
The world's largest cryptocurrency mining center to be operated by the mining equipment made by BitFury
Cryptocurrency Exchange
A global cryptocurrency exchange with the best security and speed to be operated in collaboration with the world's TOP 10 cryptocurrency exchanges and through the application of Crystal of BitFury

Contribution Rewards

contribution rewards are paid in
the cryptocurrency chosen by the participants,
either Bitcoin (BTC) or MicroBitcoin (MBC)
Token holding rate
holding rate
50% of revenue of mining center
of revenue of
mining center
70% of  revenue of exchange
of revenue
of exchange


Requirements for installation
of a mining center


An area where electricity can be supplied inexpensively and stably

An area favorable to the cryptocurrency market including the mining industry
(from the regulatory aspects)

An area that is socially and politically stable

An area with fast internet connection

Mining center site secured

Clean energy
stably secured


A stable
investment environment

World TOP 5 Hashrates

The Golden Goose Mining Center aims to be the largest in the world as a single facility. In addition, the total hashrate of mining equipment to be installed until the second half of 2025 is approximately near 80MW/h. We want to make the Golden Goose Mining Center as mining center that retains the world top 5 class bitcoins hashrate.

BitFury TURN-KEY Solution

We plan to use the turn-key system that provides all services from feasibility review, design, construction, operation, and installation based on the partnership and the MOU agreement with BitFury, a global blockchain hardware and software leader that has already operated a 500MW data center (DC, mining center), to transfer 10 years of experience and expertise of BitFury to establish an effective and stable mining center and operate it with BitFury.

BitFury Hardware

BitFury is one of the world's most advanced cryptocurrency mining equipment manufacturers. The Golden Goose team will receive equipment preferentially, affordably and stably through the partnership and the MOU agreement with BitFury. Even though Bitcoin price skyrockets, we can still receive the best equipment in a large amount.

Real-time Monitoring System

We will receive effective and reliable equipment management and mining monitoring services as well as mining machine repair and performance management services based on BitFury's real-time monitoring system equipped with the best system that monitors all equipment worldwide in Georgia.



Contribution rewards scheme


Contribution rewards are created by daily staking of GOLD in addition to profits made by rise in the value of GOLD.

Rapid growth potential in a short period of time given the features of contribution reward Tokens

Explosive growth potential in trading volumes of GOLD and other cryptocurrencies in the Golden Goose Exchange

Potentially steady rise in the price of GOLD in line with the expansion of the Golden Goose Mining Center and the growth of the Exchange

Potential increase in the value of the Exchange and the price of GOLD with the strategy for securing customers at Golden Goose Exchange and customer churn prevention


2021 2022 2023 2024 2025
2021. 1
Golden Goose burn and swap deals completed
2021. 10
A Golden Goose project operating company, COMMONS.PY.SA, established
2021. 10
Agreement with (주)해든, (주)루멘전광 for joint business in Paraguay
2021. 11
Agreement to use 6MW/h electricity – power for pilot projects
2022. 1~8
To secure bank accounts and virtual accounts for the exchange
2022. 3~7
Agreement to use land and buildings for 6MW/h electricity
2022. 5
Land sale contract (30 hectares)
2022. 5
To apply to use 100MW/h electricity and to appoint an agent thereof
2022. 6
To appoint preferred bidder for use of 100MW/h electricity
2022. 7
To enter into an agreement to use 100MW/h electricity
2022. 5~8
Change token network and redistribute tokens
2022. 5~8
Basic design for the 30 hectare site
2022. 8-10
To appoint solution companies for the configuration of the exchange
2022. 8-10
Construction works to place transformers for 6MW/h electricity and necessary facilities
2022. 10
To commence test operations of 6MW/h
2022. 8~12
Detailed design for 30 hectare site completed based on foundation design
2022. 10~12
Composition of personnel to operate the exchange and start of test operation
2023. 1
Electric bills on the market based on blockchain to connect to the exchange
2023. 1-3
Evaluation of test operation of the exchange and expansion thereof
2023. 4-12
To diversify the financial products of the Exchange to lead to expansion of liquidity
2023. 1-12
To increase the quarterly electricity capability based on 6MW/h test operation
2023. 1~6
Basic engineering works and construction of internal roads on the 30 hectare site
2023. 1~10
To manufacture and install a 100MW/h transformer
2023. 10~12
Electricity works on the 30 hectare site
2024. 1~6
Building construction works on the 30 hectare site
2024. 1~12
Investment and operation of 20MW/h facility on 30 hectare site
2024. 6~12
Recruitment and education of 200 people in 1st phase
2025. 1
To start gradual operation of facilities
2025. 1~6
Recruitment and education of 500 people in 2nd phase
Investment and operation of additional 10MW/h facility every quarter