Visit to Argentina and
The Golden Goose team visits Paraguay for the establishment of the world's largest cryptocurrency exchange
The Commons Foundation, which is conducting the Golden Goose Project, visited Paraguay in November 2018 and signed a contract with Paraguay to build the world's largest mining center and global cryptocurrency exchange.
Through this contract, the Foundation successfully won the commitment from Paraguay for the establishment of a mining center that utilizes clean and inexpensive electricity, secures stable electric power, and gets support for continuous operation.

* The project is called Golden Goose, which is for the world's largest cryptocurrency center and a global cryptocurrency exchange business.
* Approximately 250,000 ㎡ land and infrastructure are secured in the vicinity of the world's largest Itaipu hydro power plant, including five mining centers with 500 MW substation.
* Itaipu Hydro Power Plant generates clean energy and its annual power generation capacity is the world's largest. Cheap electricity (under $ 0.025 per kW/h) is secured for the operation of a mining center.
* Establishment of both a global cryptocurrency exchange and a mining center for simultaneous operation of a mining center and an exchange
* 50% of the revenue of the mining center and 70% of the revenue of the exchange are paid with cryptocurrency chosen by the contributors, either Bitcoin (BTC) or Micro Bitcoin (MBC) on a daily bases to holders of the Golden Goose tokens as Contribution Rewards.