Platform Background

The world's largest cryptocurrency mining center and global cryptocurrency exchange platform that is carried out by Commons Foundation.
The mining of the representative cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC) and its exchange consume 0.5% of the entire world's electricity, and as the mining is continuously getting difficult, the global electricity consumption is also getting higher.
The profitability is falling.
('Joule', an international journal, May 2018 )
전기소모율과 이익률의 상관관계

Electricity cost for mining 1 Bitcoin per country for 115 countries

Electricity cost for mining 1 Bitcoin per country for 114 countries
Country Electricity cost Cost comparison Net profit
Golden Goose
$ 1,387 - $ 7,180
Paraguay $ 3,140 2.26 times $ 5,427
China $ 3,172 2.27 times $ 5,395
United States $ 4,758 3.43 times $ 3,809
Average $ 7,275 5.25 times $ 1,292
Republic of Korea $ 26,170 18.87 times - $ 17,603
Source: Survey by Elite Fixtures (May 2018), BTC = $ 8,567
Golden Goose electricity cost: $0.031/kWh, based on BTC Difficulty as of February 2019
Electricity cost are the latest data from the 2018 survey. Currently, electricity cost continue to rise due to the increase in the price of fossil fuels such as coal, oil and gas and carbon taxes, but in Paraguay, the price is expected to decrease due to hydroelectric energy


Uses cheap electricity to increase the profitability of the mining center
and maximize profitability with the stable operation of the exchange.
Cryptocurrency Mining Center
Mining center
site secured
Clean energy
stably secured
A stable
investment environment
Cryptocurrency Exchange
Cryptocurrency Exchange
The Golden Goose Global Exchange is preparing for cooperation with the TOP 10 global exchanges and aims to be open in the first half of 2023. The Golden Goose Exchange targets the Spanish-speaking and South American regions and aims to be a global exchange with the highest level of security and speed by applying BitFury's Crystal and others.

To participants who have staked Tokens (GOLD) as Contribution Rewards, 70%of the commission sales earned by the Golden Goose Global Exchange is paid regularly in BTC(Bitcoin) or MicroBitcoin (MBC) at the daily holdings rate.